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6 STARS If I could give them 6 Stars I would. Recently the team altered a jacket I got from my wife 20 years ago on my honeymoon. It had a great deal of sentimental value for me. Juan and team really understood how important this work was for me and he took great pains to make sure it was done properly. He ensured personally that the work was done correctly and the jacket came out perfectly. I am eternally grateful for the work
Excellent service This is absolutely not the first time I'll be dealing with alteration and it certainly won't be the last time because I've never been disappointed. I just got a suit picked up to fit my waiat. Y'all should partner with Rachel's alteration if you want a quality service and value for your money.
Excellent service This is absolutely not the first time I'll be dealing with alteration and it certainly won't be the last time because I've never been disappointed. I just got a suit picked up to fit my waiat. Y'all should partner with Rachel's alteration if you want a quality service and value for your money.
James Renard
Best EVER! Best tailor in NYC!
Matthew Cantore
My favorite place Juan is the man. He persistently worked with me until i got the perfect fit that i desired. The quality of the work and the customer service beats anyone else. Will return.
Always done well the first time Always thoughtfully done. Always executed well. Always a pleasure. For expensive things you’ll wear a lot, this is the place.
Rob Falco
Amazing Tailor & Team! Juan is one of the best tailors I have ever encountered! I am very meticulous with my garments and Juan is the only tailor that has matched that eye for details. His precision shows in his work. After the first or second visit Juan already understood the look I was going for from that point on. It all started with a tux which he altered and since then I had Juan alter everything from my suits, jeans, sweatshirts, and even tee shirts. I had a All Saints suede jacket I needed taken out a little underneath the arms due to it being too tight. In order to perfectly match the fabric Juan creatively took a piece of lining from the interior pocket, cut and sewed it underneath the sleeves in the armpit area giving me more room and the alteration looked unnoticeable. It was an amazing job and everyone I told couldn’t believe how he did it since the jacket now fits like a glove. Juan's friendly attitude and enthusiasm for his craft plays an important part in making me want to come back for future visits. I can’t recommend Juan and Alterations enough. The speedy turnaround time, emails that the garments are ready to be picked up, and complimentary bottled water is all icing on the cake. Once you get hooked there’s no settling for anything less.
Edwin Amaya
Excellent Service I'm a 1st time user that dropped off two paints to fix alterations originally done by another tailor. They not only thoroughly walked me through what alterations would be done but also explain the payment process along with other benefits like the lifetime re-alteration policy. Needless to say that I was blown by how well the alterations came out and my two pants now look more modern and professional than they originally did. Truly satisfied with their work and will def be returning for add'l fixes. I will even be setting up an appointment to measure for a customized suit.
james R
excellent ! Alterations Master NEVER let me down. I just braught in my new double breasted suit in because it was a little too big. JD and his crew took in the jacket and tapered the pants and note my suit is PERFECT! THANKS JD YOU ARE AWESOME! !!!
Colin C
Best Tailor Ever This is by far the best tailor i've ever been to. I didn't catch my tailors name, which I feel bad about, but he was incredible. Did an awesome job on my tuxedo and was nice enough to give me my tailoring on the house. I work for Bonobos in customer relations and am constantly asked for tailors in the city. I will not be sending any customers to any other tailor in the city. You guys have a lifetime customer.
Amanda S
Excellent service Fast, professional, quality work! I had a great experience at Alterations Master and would highly recommend them!
Miguel T
Exceptional Service It was my first time ever visiting a tailor but I can say without a doubt that I will be returning here for as long as I need my garments altered. I needed a pair of suit pants to be hemmed and taken in at the waist, seat and legs. I also needed this to be done quickly as I had interview coming up in a few days. I dropped the pants off on Thursday around 4pm and they were ready by the next day, one day sooner than my scheduled pick up date. They are very flexible in allowing you to reschedule your appointment if you need to pick up your items before your original scheduled date. And the workmanship was impeccable. Thanks so much guys!
Fantastic I've been coming here for a while, always professional and always timely. Much appreciated!
Amy B
Good job and service They did a great job letting out my cotton Pucci dress a bit in the hips - I had to go back for a second fitting but better they did it in increments and not do anything too drastic. Would definitely go back there with fine clothing in the future.
Harlen S
Great Service, Great Work. The title says it all. These guys are fantastic.
I don't review much But felt I should take the time to for this company. Really great service, and fantastic work.
Juan Thanks for doing a great job on my tux, Juan. Fits and looks terrific.
Patrick D.
Juan Review of Drop Off Juan,'s head tailor, has offered exceptional service, advice and tailoring during my many trips to the tailor's location at 545 5th Avenue. Juan has a keen memory and can now tailor my suits exactly to my specifications without my having to give much direction. He makes it his priority to know the expectations of his clientele and makes sure that every person who visits the tailor leaves with exactly what he wants. I strongly recommend (especially if Juan is working that day!).
David Fuentes
THE Best I've been to many tailors in this city and some are bad, some are good but only one is great. JP is the best. He took care of me with special care and the end result shows the difference.
John Monteforte
These guys are really good!!! After being turned away by several other tailor shops, the gentleman at took to problematic suit pants that needed significant alterations to fit me and made it work. They are knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen. they are knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen
Got the suit I got married in as altered here. The price was fair (they offered a yelp check in discount), the tailoring was excellent, and it was the turnaround time was shorter than advertised.

The staff was pleasant and professional, their online appointment system was a revelation and the work is guaranteed for a year.

I wasn't in love with the break of my cuff at the final fitting, not only did they fix the issue, they offered to do it right away - provided I had a few minutes to spare. I took them up on the offer and walked out with a suit I was excited to wear on my wedding day.

Between the customer service and the quality of the work, I think I've found my new tailor.
This will be the easiest Yelp review ever.

JD and his staff are SPECTACULARLY GREAT!!

I bought a very expensive OTR suit in Italy but didn't have the time to have it tailored. I was skeptical that I would find someone outside of Naples or Rome who would understand what I was looking to have done to the suit.

Then I contacted Alterations Master. JD knew right away what I wanted done and tailored the suit exactly as I described it and imagined it. Two fittings later and I stood in front of the mirror. Perfection.

What more can I say? Thank you again for everything, JD!
Juan Coello was my tailor and he is great.  Knows tailoring well and very pleasant.  Just brought my pants back after picking them up two days ago, for slight adjustment.  And he did if for me in 10 mins.
These guys give great service. They treat each client the same whether you're an Hollywood A-lister or a random Joe Blow on the street (like me). Bottled water is offered as you wait. They try to keep to the appointment as much as possible but always caters to you if you're a few minutes late or early.

I had a suit tailored that required alterations on three parts of the jacket. Needed it tucked and cuffs shortened. I also had my pants shortened as well. During my first fitting after the alterations, the pants were a little short so they had to add another half inch without a problem.

The suit and fit came out great. For all the alterations done, it cost $150. With the yelp check-in discount, it came out to $138. Small price to pay to look good for a wedding.

These guys are professionals and I will never go anywhere else for alterations.
Expensive but damn do they know how to tailor. One job cost more than wait I paid for my blazer, but it was worth it: a $200 blazer feels like something bespoke. My suit fits like a dream, better than in-store tailors at Boss. Going to get all my suits done there now. Juan is my man.
This is an excellent tailor shop. Following an awful experience with another tailor, I needed to get my bridesmaid's dress altered in two days, before I flew overseas to be a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding. The people here squeezed me in at the very last minute (even though they were technically booked up) - just before they closed on a Saturday - and got the dress done by Tuesday lunchtime. The finished product was perfect. It's slightly pricey, but worth it. I will be taking my alterations here from now on. Highly recommended.
I've been to Alterations Master numerous times to have several of my suits tailored. Their attention to detail is a huge plus. You get measured each time you go and work with a tailor until everything is just right. I've never had a problem with them meeting their deadline and almost everything I've had worked on there has been perfect when I picked it up.
I've now had 2 different suits tailored with these guys. They are amazing. Not only  is it obvious that these people are busy, which is a good sign, but their designers are professionals.  Juan took care of me both times, my suits came back perfect, and I'm about to make an appointment for a third this week. I highly recommend this business, and specifically Juan. The manager, although I can't remember his name, was also very professional and clearly in command of his business.
Though a bit more expensive than I anticipated, they are very professional and do excellent work.
Tailoring is all they do. Don't get thrown off when you walk in, I think the whole floor is a bunch of guys tailoring clothes even though the stereotype is probably that women are seamstresses. Funny how that works out in the real world.

They have a tailor measure you both before you drop off clothes and they have one look at your fit after it's done when you try it on. It's a nice attention to detail but this place is a little pricey to be honest. At most dry cleaners you can get a pair of pants hemmed for $15 a piece. At Alterations it cost me $33 for two pairs of pants and that was after $15 of discounts. (make sure you use the one on their site and also Yelp!)

The attention to detail to me is worth it, I've had to take back pants one too many times depending on what was being done and it's nice to get it right the first time.

The online reservation system is a little much to get used to. Once you place your order you have to actually call them in order to schedule a pickup. Would be nice if they could follow up with you but this is a minor nuisance.

Also this place is filled with clothes from wall to wall. It seems like business is booming... if you need something rushed, call and ask them ahead of time before you bring it in. They seem to be always super busy!
A bit pricey but after asking friends, looking at Yelp reviews and calling various locations to find options, I just trusted that they could do the job. They were very professional, my dress was available as the time they said it would be and the staff was all very friendly.
This place was great.  They did a fantastic rush hem job on a gown I needed for a wedding.  I made the appointment in the evening after work and wound up having to wait 10 minutes or so but that was made up in that the tailor was very quick, very professional, and definitely knew what he was doing.  The whole process was very streamlined, no muss, no fuss.  I'll be coming back to see what they can do with some of my work shirts.
The Alterations Master is hands-down the best tailor I've ever encountered (I've tried at least 8 others before), and quite possibly the best service of any type that I've used in NYC.

Here's a testament to their quality. I recently brought in two difficult pieces, including my favorite fleece, which had complicated vents and racing stripes, and a multi-layer leather jacket with interior lining.  The tailor not only perfectly fit the fleece to my needs, but also disassembled and seamlessly reconstructed it in such a way that preserved the design so that you'd never know it was tailored.  And if you're impressed by that, you should have seen the leather jacket -- flawless fitting and reconstruction of the exterior and interior lining, despite a difficult material.  They mentioned it took them 8 hours of work to do it just right, but they didn't charge me more than the initial cost estimate.  Simply amazing.
Sew, this place is pretty good.  Online appointment scheduling.  Inside is like a tailor sweatshop, but they are efficient, attentive and do nice work.  It's a bit on the pricey side - $50/seam, so my dress cost $100 (two seams).  Check in with social media to save a few bucks.
I have been so impressed with the quality of the work at Alterations Masters. My husband and I brought in a suit and a dress respectively to try out their services using the first time customer discounts through Yelp. The work was so fantastic I brought back many more pieces for tailoring on a subsequent visit. They are not cheap but neither is the quality of the work, so I think you get a great product for what you pay for. Save a basic hem for a basic tailoring shop and go to them for more complicated work or for a piece that is very expensive. Further, if you are unhappy with your alterations in any way, they will always make it right at no extra cost. They took in my husband's pants further, basically repeating the job, to meet his expectations at no extra cost! I will be bringing anything I want altered with care to Alterations Master.
Great workmanship
Offers discount to first time users who check-in

While it seems like a one time issue, my suit was misplaced and I could not pick it up on time.

I must point out though that the owner of this place (JD) was so accommodating that he offered to have a messenger service the next day when they found it. He wanted to really make it right and did all he can. I just happened to have an international flight so I could not take him up on his offer.

Good professional service with master tailors. Their name is truly justified. Will come back for more.
Best tailor i've been to.
This place is A+. Very professional, very complete with their measuring and fitting and the quality is incredible. This IS the tailor shop to go to in NYC.
I don't even know where to start... You know how they say wedding planning is just one big conglomeration of deadlines and stress? We'll, they're pretty much right. However, of all the vendors and shops and relatives and friends I enlisted to lend a hand Alterations Master has been the one element that I haven't had to worry about at all.

From my initial visit everyone in the office was friendly, kind and super laid back and took the time to answer every single little question I had. From bustle, to hem, to the little boob things that needed to be sewn in - every detail was attended to with precision and professionalism. JD runs a tight shop and everyone seems to be on point, attentive and prompt. I had to go back for 5 fittings (over the winter I had a bit of a hibernation period and for a month the dress totally didn't fit) JD didn't stress and just had me come back in when the weather was warmer and sure enough the fit was fine again.

I'd recommend this shop to any New Yorker and will probably go back from my more basic alterations in the future. I am so thankful I choose this spot!
I cannot speak highly enough of Alterations Master Tailor Shop. It is a first-class operation. JD runs the shop and it is an understatement to say he is the master of business, dealings with customer and the craft. I am continually amazed at his ability to multi-task: he can seemingly schedule fittings and discuss with customers about their needs; while giving directions to the receptionist; while assigning the seamstresses their duties. Amazing!
I was feeling very stressed out because I had been sent the wrong size wedding dress (too small) by an online boutique and there wasn't time to exchange before the wedding so I needed it let out. From the moment I walked in, JD eased my concerns and was meticulous to make sure every detail was done right. He set up multiple appointments so I knew it wasn't a rush job. I also can't say enough nice things about the seamstresses. They were so kind and friendly and helpful, plus very talented and thorough.
In the future I will be bringing all my garments here! A+ rating!!!
Whole team of tailor at your disposal and JD is ever helpful and always stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also like the fact they will alter the clothing if you gained or lose weight in the future without extra charge for up to I think a year.

They seemed very busy each time I went but when it's an urgent job they always manage to find the time to accommodate.
I've used Alterations Master Tailor Shop for every pair of jeans in my wardrobe now. It's time to give this place its due praise.

I initially just needed fitting for one pair of jeans that was terribly long, but I soon came to realize that I could no longer tolerate mediocre fit for another one of my most worn jeans.  Eventually, all of my denim followed suit.

If you don't have a favorite pair of jeans, come here to get a pair tailored.  That will become your favorite pair of jeans.

Then, like me, you will find that perfect feel irresistible and--by design or not--come back here to get all of your jeans 'correct'.

Worry not about price though--the average job (for jeans) is $25, with an additional $10 to maintain the stitching of the cuff.  Yelp checkin provides a $12 discount (redeemable once per month per customer) and Foursquare checkin provides the same deal.

Reserve an appointment online and be notified when your garments are ready via email.

Trust JD.  He will make sure that your experience here is exceptional.  

The space runs a bit hot in my experience, so be sure to de-layer before your ascent up the stairs.  When you get up there, ask for a complimentary water (which arrives pleasingly chilled and in bottle form).

Cool as the other side of the pillow.
I've only used Alterations once but my experience was nothing short of excellent! I purchased a Yelp deal which I had no problem redeeming. They were able to accommodate my last minute appointment request and were even able to get it back to me that same afternoon. I set up a first AM appointment and when the tailor was running just 2 minutes late, he texted me to let me know. Awesome communication!

And of course, most importantly, they were able to take a delicate two-layer pair of chiffon pants and hem them perfectly in a matter of hours.

I will definitely return. If my follow-up with them is just as impeccable, I'll up my review to 5 Stars.
I have wanted to write a review for JD
(since the second week of March) and let everyone know that he provides an incredibly Brilliant atmosphere and unbelievable talent at this Studio.  He is a Master at what he does, and in my experience, shows an amazing level of expertise.

My boyfriend and I brought 5 very difficult dresses into JD that I needed to have altered , in addition to 2 pieces of apparel( previously altered/ butchered by a different Tailor/dry cleaner who ruined each piece. ) I was overjoyed to see JD's meticulous and absolutely perfect end products for everything I brought in to him. I was and still am completely speechless to the beautiful work he has done in less than a week. He is Marvelous at executing perfection in any type of alteration and an added bonus was his professional honesty and genuine care for his clients!!!

I encourage everyone to go see JD especially if you want high quality alterations.  Thank you a thousand times over and over again!!!
I actually promised JD I'll write this review quite a while ago.
Top notch service, top notch professionalism.
They obviously know what they are doing, and they do it very well.
I went there to tailor my to-be wedding suit. This is the best tailoring experience I had and the results were terrific. You get notifications and communications over emails and there is a great yelp deal!
They even sent it to the dry cleaners for just a few extra dollars. When I came back for the fitting JD insisted I try it on and he noticed something was off so they fixed it on the spot.
They also give you a one year guarantee!

I'll go back.
These guys are professional and really knows their stuff. I have been here several times now for suit/jacket fittings. Cost is definitely not cheap, but the work is legit. If you are spending $500+ on a piece of cloth, why not perfect it with a tailor?

The turnaround time is always as promised and I will keep sticking with these guys for the near future!
I am constantly getting compliments on my suits, people asking where I buy them from, or what brand they are..... The truth is, if you are spending a thousand dollars on a suit, spend a little extra maybe $100-$200 to have it properly tailored.  

Although I've been to other tailors, and had them do some work, JD is the only person I trust with my "good" suits.  I even took him a cheaper suit,  3 piece Tommy Hilfiger that he tapered well enough to make it look like a $500-$800 suit.  

When looking at suits in magazines, these are often clipped in the back to make them look more fitted than they actually are.  I showed my wife the difference between off the rack, compared to a well tailored suit, and the difference easily noticeable.
During the coldest point of winter, my coat zipper broke and JD at Alterations Master Tailor Shop was able to work his magic in just a few hours even though I didn't have an appointment.

You'll appreciate their attention to detail & quick turn-around. Highly recommended!
I didn't think I would need more tailoring, but as it turns out I had another suit I wanted to get fitted and so I came back to AM about 9 months after I came here the first time. I was shocked that JD remembered me and gave me a warm welcome. I was getting the same style suit fitted and JD was able to pull up up my previous alterations on his phone and started pinning the suit in the same way. Given that it was the same cut suit only in a different color, I was in and out in only 15 minutes! Love the handiwork and the customer experience. Highly recommend.
Overall they did a great job.

Although they took awhile with one dress, they did not end up charging me.

I was very happy w/ the customer service.
My husband and I had two suits and three pairs of Diesel jeans altered here after losing weight over the last year.  Results were excellent!

We found this place through Yelp and are so happy with the results.  JD helped us during our consultation and fittings.  They do amazing work there.  We liked that they had weekend hours.  It can be a little hectic over the weekends, so be prepared to have them jumping back and forth between clients while you change.  

We had our suits taken in all over the place:  waist, taper the legs for a more fitted look, brought in the chest and arms too.  They basically changed our suits from American style, loose fitting to a slimmer fit European look.  Also they took in my jeans, both in the waist and lifting the butt.   Everything was done to perfection.

They also offer a one year guarantee where you can bring it in for additional touch-ups for the next year.  

Will definitely be back with more clothes to have tailored.